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Unlocking A Successful Home Project

Have you ever tackled a home project?
Chances are you’re not totally pleased with the results. And worse, your sanity may have suffered along the way! Elizabeth Anne Star Interiors specializes in solving both problems. Customers say that Owner Cindy Lites has an ESP-like ability to know what they want. They feel comfortable in, and proud of, their beautiful rooms. And projects go smoothly… due to good planning, wise decisions, great design, and expert workmanship.

If you plan to build, renovate or update your home, E. A. Star Interiors will handle as much detail as you need us to. We’re an interior design firm that goes behind the scenes to make your project your personal triumph.

Please read more about our services by following the LINKS below:

New Construction or Renovation - Key Ingredients

Interiors - The Key to Yours

Moves - Truly Turnkey

Customer Satisfaction - Keying in on Beauty + Comfort

What every project needs

For projects large or small, E. A. Star Interiors ensures your bliss through:

  • Meticulous planning
  • Expertise & craftsmanship
  • Quality materials
  • Creativity & personalization

Your goals = Our goals

From the beginning, we focus on you and how you live. And we don't forget as we move from decision-making through the final unveiling. No matter where you start, your end result will feature:

  • Functionality (to make everything you do easier)
  • Comfort that suits your lifestyle
  • Design that reflects your style